03 May, 2011

Questions, Comments, Suggestions and FAQ

If you have any questions, concerns, comments or suggestions, please feel free to post comments below or send email to us at Support@iDevelop.co.th

FAQ : Frequently asked questions

1.If I forgot the passpattern what can I do ?
Open Finder and  go to /Users/<yourname>/Library/Preferences
Find "th.co.idevelop.lockscreen.plist" and delete it.
That's it.  Now you can set new passpattern again.
(PS. If you are using Lion that files will be hidden by default)

2.If I turn on"Open at Login" & "Lock Screen at Open" option but can't remember my passpattern what can I do ?
Follow this step to  start up into Safe Mode http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1455
Once you can start up into Safe Mode, Open Finder and  go to /Users/<yourname>/Library/Preferences Find "th.co.idevelop.lockscreen.plist" and delete it.

3. Why my lock screen comes up in black screen?
Please update latest operating system patch via Apple Software Update by click Apple icon at top left of your screen -> Software Update and then update your system. Although you get blank screen, every function still works you can try slide your keyboard or use your passpattern to unlock your computer.
This issue has been fixed in the next version (1.1) that already submitted and wait for Apple to review.

4. How can i remove "Available on The Mac App Store" Logo on the bottom right of the lock screen?
That logo only show if you select default wallpaper. So you can choose any other image that you want and that logo will disappear.

... FAQ Last Update : 17 May 2011 01:51 GMT+7


  1. Hello!
    Sorry if my english is bad, but I'm french ;)

    I just bought your app "Lock Screen"
    It's cool!

    But I have a question.

    Why is not possible to lock the screen after 5 or 10 or x minutes of computer inactivity?
    It will be wonderfull ;)


  2. Hey great app but the same as the comment above It'd be great if it would automatically lock the screen after a set period of inactivity!

    Also, being able to lock after sleep would be excellent, so i close my laptop without pressing cmd+L, but when I open it, it automatically takes me to the slide to unlock screen!

    Hope to see these in an update thanks!

  3. Adding the ability to assign new shortcut keys (beside CMD+L) would be great.

  4. I have the black screen issue. Please fix this asap as it's extremely disappointing to pay for an app and then see that it doesn't work right from the beginning.

  5. there is no file in the library folder!!! help :(

  6. 1. Great app!

    2. I`d like to edit the "Slide keyboard to unlock" text via preferences

    3. I don`t understand the last two general options, or they don`t work for me,

    4. More clocks

    5. Hide the icon from the task bar. Open the app via the Application folder.


  7. please make a fix so I can choose another lock key than cmd+L

  8. Hello,
    I press at the set passpatern option in the preferences but it won't open. How can I make it open or how can I set a passpatern? Please can somebody help?

  9. i press the set passpatern but nothing happen, please help me

  10. hi

    if you working with 2 monitors, the second one is black when lockscreen is on. can't we have it on both?


  11. Yes! It will be very wonderfull if your app work with dual screen!


  12. plz try to undustant my problam,,i couldn't unlock my lockapp black screen,,thtz y my phone was not work now,,,so plz suggestion me how can I remove my black screen app,,plz plz,,,in the hope u suggest me,,!!thx

  13. Hi i have a problem with Lockscreen and thats that the lock screen comes up every so often even when am watching a video and that royally sucks!! Don't get me wrong its an amazing application. Also even after using other dps it still shows app store on the right! But the idea was great ! Thnkz!! :)

  14. We got report of 30 seconds autolock from many users that download our application outside the mac app store.

    Downloading our application outside the mac app store contain malicious code that make our application work abnormally and may cause damage to your computers.

    If you want to use our software please make sure to download from the mac app store in the link below

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