04 May, 2011

New Feature Request List

Features that you request will be listed here. We will use this list as a guideline to improve in next version.

- Auto lock after idle
- Lock when wake up from sleep
- Black lock icon
- Custom new lock shortcut keys (beside CMD+L)
- Custom clock design
- Unlock by trackpad
- Multiple wallpaper

...More to come


  1. It would be great if we could select just to turn off the display instead of "Sleep After" and if the shortcut CMD+L could be customized (it is used in other apps like Safari).

    Nice job!

  2. Very good news!

    All what I would like for this app will be add!


    Very nice job!

    ps: in next version, is it possible to unlock with a magic mouse?

  3. And also, instead of sleep, just turn off the screen! For some reason the screen dont go off NEVER when you have activated the lock.

    And, will be good if you removed the "avaliable in the app store" lock screen, because we also buy there the app :)


  4. I want removing "avaliable in the app store". too
    because of this, total look doesn't like.
    and. slide motion need more smooth.

    idea good.

  5. hidden menu bar function please.
    my menubar space is full T.T

  6. You can easily remove the "available in the appstore". It's just a default wallpaper given by the author

    For change it, in Lock Screen preference, in "Wallpaper" category just click "choose image", find where is located your "Desktop Pictures" folder, search "Nature" folder, open it and finally choose "Aurora.jpg"

    It's ok! You have now the official Snow Leopard wallpaper without the mention ""available in the app store" when your screen is lock ;)


  7. Hey!

    When can we hope a new versin of Lock screen with the new features list here?

    I need Black lock icon, auto lock after idle, lock when wake up from sleep before buy this app and before install it on all my mac!


  8. you should make a slideshow option! just like on the ipad!

  9. The most important thing I like to see very quickly is an option to use trackpad gesture instead of keyboard keys. Very useful for laptop users. Also automatic lock the screen or triggered by screen saver or after sleep is encourage.

  10. Hi, I just downloaded this app but when I lock it, the screen just turned black:(
    any solutions?

  11. From FAQ.

    3. Why my lock screen comes up in black screen?
    You can try update latest operating system patch via Apple software update (it may fix this problem for some people). Although you get blank screen, every function still works you can try slide your keyboard or use your passpattern to unlock your computer.
    This issue has been fixed in the next version (1.1) that already submitted and wait for Apple to review.

  12. Very happy about using that app, just wished my screensaver settings would work when used. My request would be: lock the screen, then after what my settings are my screensaver is triggered, and after that the screen is turned off or even go to sleep if setted that way.
    Thanks for your work, much apreciated!

  13. pleeease remove shortcut or change shortcut option !
    can't use it as is !

  14. Is it possible to you to make your app compatible with dual screen?

  15. for the backround picture it would be nice if i could have a slide show to show off my photography when my computer is idle

  16. it would be great to have some quartz-compositions as background (with custom qc option)

  17. i agree, what about qc?

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