19 May, 2011

Lock Screen V2.0 (Coming Soon)

Now we're developing the new version "Lock Screen 2.0" and it's in complete step.

Here is some screenshots of the new version 2.0

V2.0 Change Log

New Features
- Auto lock after idle
- Black icon option
- Custom new lock shortcut keys (beside CMD+L)
- Custom slide to unlock text
- Custom lock/unlock sound
- Unlock by trackpad (Experimental)
- Select whether to require passpattern or not in order to open preferences pane
- Support for bi-directional passpattern (eg. slide left to right and return to left)
- Add a step to test passpattern to confirm with user before actual lock occur. (Slide the correct passpattern before confirming passpattern setting)

Bug fixed
- Fixed black screen issues when lock for some user
- Fixed sleep issues for some user
- Support 32 bit processor
- Improved graphics
- Improved performance


  1. Hey!

    It's a very good news!
    I'm impatient to discover it!
    Many good things in this 2.0 version!

    I hope it will come very soon ;)

  2. hey ! soundz great ( and a lot more usable as cmd+L is mandatory in main browsers)...

    can't wait !

    are you interested by beta testers ?

  3. Cant wait too !

  4. I bought this app as soon as I saw on the App Store. Pretty excellent job, but please add transparent wallpaper (show current desktop). I want to be able to play a movie, but lock the screen so that my 1yr old daughter can't press the keyboard.

  5. hey, have you fixed the black screen problem?

  6. I bought this app and it is wonderfull!

    I just see the new version 2.0! Great!
    But when can we hope to have it?

    I'm very impatient ;)

  7. when will it come out?

  8. Yes! We are waiting for the new version....

    It's very slow!