24 June, 2011

Lock Screen 2 Info & Release Date

Long story short
If Apple don't approve the update version of
"Lock Screen (Slidetounlock)" v2.0 before 26 June 2011, we will release "Lock Screen 2" as a new application. Our customers who bought v1.0 can still get a free update by download "Lock Screen 2" application between 27 June - 1 July 2011.


In the first days after we first launched "Lock Screen (Slidetounlock)" v1.0 on 2 May 2011, we got comments that some of user faced a black screen when they locked (which actually can be fixed by updating the latest operating system patch). We fixed this problem and sent v1.1 to Apple Team for a review on 4 May 2011.

While we are waiting for Apple team to approve v1.1, we were developing v2.0 which include many requested features. On 3 June 2011, Apple team still don't approve v1.1 and we finished v2.0, so we decided to remove v1.1 that currently in review for more than a month and submit v2.0 instead.

And it happened again, 3 Weeks past and v2.0 still in review by Apple team, so we decided to try an another way. We sent the new Application name "Lock Screen 2" (which exactly the same as our "Lock Screen (Slidetounlock)" v2.0) to Apple team, and this application was approved in 2 days !

So we're now confused how the approval process of the Mac App Store work. Apple made us unable to update our application for almost 2 months. We also mailed to Apple about this very long process and if Apple still don't respond or don't approve "Lock Screen (Slidetounlock)" v2.0 , we decide to release "Lock Screen 2" as a new application. However, we want to give a free update to our customers who bought v1.0, so "Lock Screen 2" will be free to download between 27 June - 1 July 2011

Lock Screen 2 Preview Video : http://bit.ly/lockscreen2

"Lock Screen (Slidetounlock)" status

"Lock Screen 2" status  


  1. Hey!
    Wonderfull! Very great news!
    I'm very happy and impatient to download this new version!


  2. Perfect!

    Thank you very much!!!!

    You are the best!!!

  3. I just download the new version!

    It is very huge! Wonderfull!

    I would like to thank you for this app and for listening our whishes!!!


  4. I wasn't aware of the update and missed the deadline. After I reformatted my Mac, I can neither download the previous version from Appstore nor v2.0 for free.

  5. i was waiting the update, and never came. and i never knew about the version 2. until now. now i have to pay again.............

  6. This 2.0.3 version Keeps Autolocking every 30 seconds even I check the never lock option

  7. I have 2.0.2 version and same as above it always autolocking every 30 seconds even when I set the range longer or never lock.

  8. I have the same comment as above.. the program is awesome! however, the damn thing keeps autolocking like seriously every 3o seconds to a minutes even with the box checked. it's going from mildy irritating to downright disturbing.. why would you have a button that says never unlock if it doesn't work.. maybe that's the reason why apple is taking forever to approve your program.. you need to get the bugs out of it and then when you are absolutely sure you've tested this and aren't going to find another bug. I'm a program developer and I wound up learning this the hardway.. I raced to get a program finished and did my own beta testing, but wound up having to recompile after submitting the versions to the client for review and then having to tell them that I found a bug and delete the original copies.. I mean there are always going to be bugs but how could you not see that one when testing it? im using 10.6.6 if that helps. Im sure it doesn't help that apple is maniacal about releasing a new version of os x faster than developers can keep up with.. (thoughtfully).. anyways .. great program.. cool, cool cool!.. Just wish I could disable the autolock.

  9. I got the 30s auto lock problem also

  10. yeah guys please fix this autolocking issue because at the moment i have had to stop using the application because its simply too irritating and plus when using the trackpad to unlock its very slow, maybe increase the response time that would be great thanks

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